Terril Goudie
Coldwell Banker Realty

Why an auction for selling/buying

Which properties are ideal for an auction: those that aren't selling, a unique property, a high price property, and for an owner that has an immediate need to sell due to a divorce/probate/relocation. Myth: auctions get a lower price, Fact: that is not always the case, many auction properties sell for more than what they appraised for or what the real estate comps were, also you can dictate the minimum price you are willing to accept. Auctions create competition, an interest in the property, eliminates showings and negotiations, seller knows exactly when the property will sell, the buyers are prequalified and it forces the buyer to either purchase or lose the property. Our auction team has sold properties up to $3.5M in value. Most properties are eligible for auction, including land and deeded boat slips. Please call me for an auction questionnaire if you have an interest.