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New Construction websites

Below are new construction links, not all new construction homes are in the MLS, and the do's and don'ts of new construction.
Do's and Don'ts on what to do with new home builders (plus a lender referral to get pre approved). Don't be sucked in if they say this deal is available only today:
  • Ask if your earnest money is refundable, particularly if they fail to live up to their part of the deal or if you want to walk out of the deal later.
  • Using their lender may have a higher interest rate (suggest calling Carl Grimes w/ Guaranteed Rate Affinity to see what his rates are (727-492-0267).
  • Upgrades that builders offer may be cheaper with a contractor i.e. lighting, cabinet hardware, paint scheme, backsplash, appliances, covered decks, rocker switches, elevations (brick upgrades on the front of the house, usually does nothing for resale value), and landscaping.
  • Things you do want the builder to do and ask for in your negotiations or as a no cost upgrades i.e. base boards/crown molding, ceiling fan mounts, flat tv mounts and outlets, better carpet paddings, under cabinet lighting, and pre-wired ethernet ports.
  • If you use their lender, ask if you are actually financing your closing costs (not recommended as some closing costs that you actually pay for may be a tax write off (please consult your accountant on that).
  • Ask for a free year of HOA dues in your negotiations.
  • Ask are there points in their loan package (1 pt=1 %) and Carl mentioned above has none.
  • Ask what is their lender fee (anything above $1250 is excessive) and Carl mentioned above does not have excessive lender fees.
  • Ask what type of grass are they offering for the yard (there is one that is horrid with heavy rain, can't remember what it is, but St. Augustine/Floratam is pretty good.
  • Consider a finished home (typically a better deal).
  • Ask what is their policy is if the same model/similar upgrades/similar lot is offered at a lesser price after you have gone under contract (you want them to match that reduction).
  • Ask what is the longest period they do for a rate lock.
  • Hopefully this helps. Please remember if you go to a builder without me, to register me so I can help negotiate a better deal for you. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and helping you get a home.